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RE: "In the Evening" on True Blood?!?

I think they're now allowing their music to be licensed in this way.  When I 
lived in the UK I heard "Kashmir" being used often, both the original and what 
sounded like a cover (instrumental).  

On one of those stations that plays a lot of those Storage Wars type shows uses 
some music for transitions between shows that sounds pretty much like Zepp's 
"Nobody's Fault But Mine".

You do have to still get permission from whoever owns the publishing and 
sometimes they'll let you use the original and sometimes they'll say no to the 
original but you can use a cover version.

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> Subject: Re: "In the Evening" on True Blood?!?
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> I mean... I thought it was awesome, too. I think it just caught me by
> surprise because I'm so used to *not* hearing any Zep in TVs or movies and
> I'm seriously curious just what hoops had to be jumped through to get it?