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Re: JBLZE and Heart last night

What songs did Jason play with them?

On Jul 28, 2013, at 10:18 AM, Steven Babcock <steven1342@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> I saw Jason Bonham and Heart last night at Riverbend amphitheater in 
> Cincinnati.  It was a great night of Zeppelin music and perfect weather 
> conditions along the banks of the Ohio river.  JBLZE experience came on 
> around 7:30 and played for maybe an hour.  It seemed to go by way too fast.  
> I just wished they could have played more, but as the opening act, I 
> understand that their time was limited. For me the absolute standout song of 
> the set was When The Levee Breaks.  The slide guitar playing was fantastic 
> and they even brought out a harmonica player for that part of the song.  Not 
> sure who the harmonica player was but he looked like one of the guitar techs 
> I had seen working around the side of the stage (not sure about that).  Jason 
> really nailed the huge drum sound of that song!
> I never imagined I would attend a Heart concert (especially not in the year 
> 2013) but they really put on a rockin' show.  They ended their set with an 
> awesome version of Crazy on You.  Ann and Nancy's version of Battle of 
> Evermore was superb also.  Just the two of them out front with acoustic 
> guitar and mandolin.  Seeing Jason's band playing with Heart was incredible 
> and I imagine a tour like this will never happen again so I'm really glad I 
> had an opportunity to experience it.  
> Steve