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Re: Percy at Prospect

Thanks for sharing this. In my mind, the best part of this is: "the Missus 
asked 'Why aren't we going to see Robert this weekend?' and when I had no 
answer, she went to Ticketmaster and amazingly scored us great seats slightly 
left of center about 20 rows back!"  

You're a lucky man! 

On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 12:19 AM, John C <blackcountryman@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> I'm way behind in my digest reading.  I'm very busy at a new job and kind of 
> distracted, so the Plant show in Brooklyn kind of snuck up on me.  By the 
> time I remembered it I figured it was probably sold out and I didn't want to 
> scalp, especially since I just dropped a bundle on All-Star Game tickets.  
> But on Thursday afternoon the Missus asked "Why aren't we going to see Robert 
> this weekend?" and when I had no answer, she went to Ticketmaster and 
> amazingly scored us great seats slightly left of center about 20 rows back!
> I am SO  glad I went.  The addition of Juldeh Camara brings a new dimension 
> to the show and takes the music in yet more unexpected directions.  I really 
> dug the one-string violin sound, and even his shouting/singing was pretty 
> cool.  The duo of Skin Tyson and Justin Adams was great as usual, and the 
> rest of the band solid.  Plant, as others have noted, is in fine voice these 
> days.  He is definitely using the "Big Voice", and to spectacular effect.
> The setlist:
> 1. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You2. In The Mood3. Tin Pan Valley4. Spoonful5. Black 
> Dog6. Another Tribe7. Going To California8. The Enchanter9. Four Sticks10. 
> Friends11. (Funny In My Mind) Fixin' To Die12. What Is And What Should Never 
> Be13. Whole Lotta Loveencore: Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down, Rock and Roll
> Plant was enjoying himself as always.  Once again, he mocked REO Speedwagon 
> throughout, which is fine because that is some CRAP music.BIGLY was very 
> reminiscent of the Page/Plant era, and In The Mood was a pretty 
> faithful-to-the-original rendition.  Just as I was wondering if Plant was 
> getting lazy, he sprung a Tin Pan Valley with different timing, music, and 
> Juldeh, who also led off Black Dog with a lengthy Riti solo.  Black Dog was 
> radically reworked, more so than usual, and Plant deadpanned "Classic Rock"" 
> at the end to much laughter.  GTC was closer to the original, and very well 
> received.  Plant didn't venture all the way back to '71 but he also didn't 
> low-register the whole song as he has been doing.  I've always loved The 
> Enchanter and this was a stellar version with Skin going nuts with the 
> effects.  Four Stick and Friends were a great one-two punch, sounding ominous 
> and then exploding.  Whole Lotta Love began with the slow blues reading he's 
> been doing for years, an!
>  d the crowd went wild when Skin tore into the riff.  I was a little 
> disappointed with "Satan" as the encore; the song is too mellow and 
> dirge-like.  I see some better choices on other show setlists.  Rock and Roll 
> was a fantastic closer, which Plant introduced as a "Sea Chanty from the 
> 1600s" and they actually sort of made it one in the beginning.
> All in all, another great Plant show.  I'm so happy and proud of him for 
> being out there, bringing us new and exciting music, experimenting and 
> building.  I wish his lazy, timid former bandmate would take a lesson from 
> him.