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SSS & Gene Simmons

Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 12:32:20 -0400
From: James Bonal <bonal71@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: SSS adding songs as they wind down this leg of the tour

Pretty sure I haven't seen these songs played by the SSS yet, at least in 2013.
 Shine it All Around:

Thanks for posting James, these are great.  Wish he had played WTLB at our show.

On the Gene Simmons talk, the only thing I can contribute is that we were 
devout watchers of his show Family Jewels.  On that show it was clear that 
during a KISS  London show that their was some sort of special guest occupying 
Shannon's attention.  Then at some point, I believe here on FBO, someone posted 
a link to a picture of her and Jimmy together.  So whether it was just Jimmy 
out having a good time with a VIP pass, Gene asking him to come to discuss 
business, them being actual "friends" or musician friends, or some other 
reason, they do in fact know each other for sure.  After that it's all 
speculation on my part.