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Re: Gene Simmons Offer.

 As a funny aside, I ever tell you guys the story about how my brother took our 
Kiss Alive LP ( after we were firmly indoctrinated into the Zeppelin faith ) 
and blew it to bits with his .22 pistol ?  We had it hanging in our room full 
of holes for the longest time professing our disdain for the band.  Lol!!  Why 
the hell did we have it then.??.silly boys.  

All these years later I do have to admit, I did like the whole act and like 
hearing an occasional blast from the past. I mean, as you can imagine, in order 
to be in any high school band you had to know at least one KISS song...geez I 
wonder which one? : )   Don't remember a single chord  !!!  And you guys Jimmy 
lets his playing slide...lo f-in l!  

My new monitor has made me giddy.




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Well everyone likes Kiss, 

 how can you 
really be serious about a band that owes its entire career to nothing more than