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Re: Gene Simmons Offer.

 I myself have wondered why Gene. But why not?  He was given the funds to 
actually make that kind of offer. I mean, that's a lot of funds. Perhaps 
whoever figured Gene , the marketing whiz that he is, would be able to push the 
right buttons ( insert imaginary ka-ching sound ) to get them to accept that. " 
Let's not talk about the music...you can do no wrong...you can go out there hit 
one chord and strike a pose and the stadium goes apeshit...you're Led f*%#%in 
Zeppelin...just think about the money..." 



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Sent: Fri, Jul 26, 2013 12:55 pm
Subject: Re: Gene Simmons Offer.

Well everyone likes Kiss, how could you not like songs like rock and roll all 
night and Detroit rock City? Hard luck woman is great too, but how can you 
really be serious about a band that owes its entire career to nothing more than 
marketing? Its not how great the music is, its the way it got out there that 
it for them. 

Our boys were at the totally other end of the spectrum, they put out albums 
without their name on it, you couldn't get further apart.

I think a more serious musician someone like say, uhh, off the top of my 
maybe Neil Young....someone with a serious artistic nature, that they could 
relate to.

But Gene Simmons? " C'mon Percy lighten up, did I ever show you what I can do 
with my tongue?"

Christopher Leone 
Mobile Signing Solutions, Corp.

 From: Eddie Lombardi <elombardi70@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: RE: Gene Simmons Offer.

Chris, your post made me actually lol.� I like Kiss too.
> Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 09:32:41 -0500
> From: oldstyle5150@xxxxxxxxx
> Ha ha. That is a great analogy, and I like KISS.
> On 7/26/13, Chris Leone <ceeleone2001@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > It might be just me, But I think asking Gene Simmons to get Led Zeppelin to
> > reunite would sort of be akin to the Ronald McDonald clown to try to make a
> > deal with like, BLT Prime in NYC, or the metropolitan Grill in Seattle.....