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FW: Harvey speak...

If true, that's a sad sad sad man there. I'll let you decide who I am
talking about there.

It seemed pretty easy for them to decide to do the Ahmet Tribute gig.
Perhaps Jimmy's lawyer signed off on it. When did rock and roll become so
complex? As Don Henley sang (and Shakesepeare had originally penned), "Old
Billy was right: let's kill all the lawyers - kill 'em tonight."


Jeff Strawman
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Ummm yeah...


according to movie mogul and concert organiser Harvey Weinstein. The film
boss tells the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter he came close to agreeing
terms to get Page back onstage with bandmates Robert Plant and John Paul
Jones in December (12), but the guitarist's legal expert wrecked his big
plan.  Weinstein says, "He's got a lawyer who's Satan or something like
that."  The movie mogul also asked former U.S. leader Bill Clinton and
President Barack Obama to help him secure the services of Led Zeppelin at
the big charity gig.