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RE: Sad news...

Very sad to hear of the passing of a fellow Zep fan. My condolences to JR's
friends and family. 

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Subject: Sad news...

For all of the long timers on here, it is with heavy heart that I pass on
the news that long time FBO-er and DG-er, and all around funny guy, JR
Sroufe, has gone over to play drums with Bonzo.  Other than knowing he had
been ailing for years, I was not aware just how dire his situation was.
Apparently he was enjoying life to his fullest posting pics of his fishing
prowess just up till this past weekend. 

I guess now I'll never find out just how the hell you got my number to work
and then proceeded to call and berate me telling me you'd punch me so hard
you'd knock a lung out cause your cell service was so bad. You totally had
me. I bet there are others on here that can tell stories of JR's highjinks
at Zepfests past.

 I shall also never forget you being one of the first people to burn me a
bunch of shows to get my CDr collection going. And the choice of show was
nothing short of classic.  Smoking Pig's Burn Like a Candle. And him telling
me "I'm doing it a 1X because it's THAT important of a show for you to
have."  A decade later Jimmy thought so too and gave us HTWWW. I still
prefer Burn Like a Candle, and tonight shall go seek out that original cdr
and have a Ballantine just for you.

RIP my friend. You will be missed.