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Re: Page ready & set to tour?!?!

LoL. I knew someone was gonna harp on that... I should've inserted a sarcasm 
emoticon in the subject line!


Either way, it elicited some conversation and provided us with that Boston 
article which was a fun read. 

As I recall there were some here as well that did not necessarily find Jack's 
eulogy as fitting such an occasion and better belonging in a Letterman 
monologue.  Jonesy still cracks me up. 

I also recall wanting to front a band called Viking Sex and the Hobbits, or was 
that Viking Hobbit Sex? 
A certain keyboardist was all ready to drop his Eagles opening gig to join in 
on the fun.  Maybe in October !!




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Holy crapola! A article written on the internet says Led Zeppelin is ready to 
reform??? It MUST be true! 
On and in the same article Jimmy is releasing a new album also, and ready to 

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Actually, Page mentioned in an interview last year, before the remasters came 
up, that he had completed a side of an album, and at the time said album and 
tour were due this year. Now, Page is a master procrastinator, and he's run 

story for a couple of years. But an album and tour were definitely being talked 
about and actively worked on.

Brian, who is on holidays and not close to my computer, so please don't request 
that I substantiate my claims, Gardiner

On 2013-07-23, at 4:25 PM, Lif Strand <lif.strand@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> That seems pure speculation to me.  All reports I've read say that the album 
Jimmy Page is set to release isn't Page's own work, it's remastered/revitalized 
Led Zeppelin work,.  As for a Page tour - well, we've been reading about that 
for a couple years.  It's possible Page could have been working on an 

album but I haven't seen anything about him being in the studio - not that I 
come across very much detail of his life.