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RE: Page ready & set to tour?!?!

> From: tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> I'm waiting for the TWO albums Robert said were going to drop this year. It's 
> past the midway point and seems that I haven't heard boo since October of 
> last year.  And he told me so personally dammit!!!

A couple of recent articles, including a Plant interview from this past 
weekend, have revealed that Plant is taking the whole lot of his new songs 
(from BOJ and SSS) over to superproducer Daniel Lanois to work on a new project.
As an aside, some interesting comments from Plant about Stairway from the 
Kennedy Center Honors in the Boston.com article.
> From: Lif Strand lif.strand@xxxxxxxxx
> That seems pure speculation to me.  All reports I've read say that 
> the album Jimmy Page is set to release isn't Page's own work, it's 
> remastered/revitalized Led Zeppelin work,.  As for a Page tour - 
> well, we've been reading about that for a couple years.  It's 
> possible Page could have been working on an additional album but I 
> haven't seen anything about him being in the studio - not that I come 
> across very much detail of his life.

As much as I'd like to believe that Jimmy is about to release some new music 
and/or play live music of any type in any kind of setting, I put a lot more 
stock in the comments from Page's own manager a few months ago, when he 
specfically stated that Jimmy had made "no progress" on his long-teased solo 
project and was instead focusing on the upcoming Zep box sets.  It's also been 
reported that the Zep boxes will be released over a period of months, and that 
some won't be out until next year, so methinks Jimmy won't have time to focus 
on making new music for quite some time.  
Perhaps Jimmy can dust off that new album he had "in the can," as he proclaimed 
sometime around 1999, and release it.
> They don't have to do (or say) much to get us all excited.

Yeah, this Business Week article smacks of an author much more interested in 
garnering google hits than accuracy.  
The title itself, "Led Zeppelin's Plant Tour Raises Reunion Hope," coupled with 
the concluding sentence, create about as misleading an impression as one can 
get this side of total fiction.
Here's the last sentence:  "Yesterday evening, he leaves the faithful with a 
hint of hope as he exits the stage.  'Remember, it's never over,' he says.  
'See you soon.'"
Seriously?  That's about as a generic Plant sign-off as one can get, and 
something he's more or less uttered at every concert over the past 20 years.  
Then again, I interpreted Plant's "I've got nothing to do in 2014" comment as a 
strong indication that the boys would reconvene to make new music next year, 
which is something that seems less likely as Plant slots in the Lanlois 
project, JPJ writes operas and Jimmy plays with box sets ...