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Re: Page ready & set to tour?!?!

I'm waiting for the TWO albums Robert said were going to drop this year. It's 
past the midway point and seems that I haven't heard boo since October of last 
year.  And he told me so personally dammit!!!




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That seems pure speculation to me.  All reports I've read say that 
the album Jimmy Page is set to release isn't Page's own work, it's 
remastered/revitalized Led Zeppelin work,.  As for a Page tour - 
well, we've been reading about that for a couple years.  It's 
possible Page could have been working on an additional album but I 
haven't seen anything about him being in the studio - not that I come 
across very much detail of his life.

I think that Plant in particular, but the others to an extent, like 
to keep their options open by alluding to a possible joint 
tour.  They don't have to do (or say) much to get us all excited.

Here's a link to the Business Week 

At 08:07 AM 7/23/2013, Nech wrote:
>According to Business week and of all places in an article on 
>Plant's current tour it is proclaimed..
>Page is set to release another album and embark on a tour late this 
>year, while Jones has been working with Seasick Steve and has solo 
>projects. Both have made optimistic noises about a tour while 
>waiting for Plant to come back to the songs. The


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