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Big Log in the Big Easy

Thanks to TBL's Facebook page, I just discovered that the SSS played one of my 
favorite Plant solo tunes last night.  I think this is the first go for "Big 
Log" with the SSS, but I hope it isn't the last.  Not bad for an initial try, 
and, if you watch closely at the end, Plant really seems to be pleased (or 
maybe relieved) that they pulled this one off.
I can think of several other Plant solo tunes that I'd love to hear out of the 
SSS, and based on the last leg of the BOJ tour a couple of years ago (a one-off 
of "All of My Love," as an example), there may well be a few more surprises in 
the set lists as the US tour winds down over the next week or so.  
(Note - the link is correct but the poster misidentified the song as "The