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Re: Re: Pittsburgh Symphony does Zep with special guest....

Excellent!  That guy named Brody Dolyniuk is also the singer for my band, 
Zeppelin USA.  He does the Symphonic Queen, Who & Stones shows, and I believe 
this was his first one doing Zep, filling in for Randy Jackson, who usually 
does them.  Amazing singer, I'm very happy to be working with him!  Here's a 
couple of clips:

Going to CA:

Steve Z

On 07/19/13, AG<a_grisolia@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

any pics or videos? I wanted to go but I had another appointment.

> From: Jennifer Blake <jenapples2@xxxxxxxxx>
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>Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2013 11:41 PM
>Subject: Pittsburgh Symphony does Zep with special guest....
>So tonight I had the GREAT fortune of attending the Pittsburgh Symphony 
>Orchestra perform the music of Led Zeppelin. They totally rocked it out...to 
>hear a complete symphony orchestra perform GTBT, TSRTS, Going to California, 
>etc.....I think my heart was actually skipping beats?! Vocals performed by a 
>guy named Brody Dolyniuk, who just really nailed it!
>Got to the show a bit early, seats were in the Grand Tier level of Heinz 
>Hall...nice and cool up on the upper level. Sitting their minding our business 
>when the box door opens and a giant man steps through....I mean GIANT...block 
>out the light of the sun...huge. Turns out to be Brett Keisel, defensive end 
>of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Heinz Hall seating capacity of over 2,400 and 
>Brett Keisel sits down in front of me. So awesome! The guy is a Zep fan...he 
>was rocking out big time! Mid show the vocalist announces that the show is a 
>sell out and that they are going to try something different and ask for an 
>audience member to participate. Well, don't you just know that my buddy Brett 
>Keisel waves his hand, stands up and makes his way to the stage in front of a 
>crowd of screaming Zep and Steeler fans....gets up on the conductor box and 
>proceeds to conduct (more like jam) the symphony to "Dancing Days". Oh my 
>freakin' lord?! Talk about
>I went with my mom, who totally rocks out. She took one for the team and 
>tapped on his (very large) shoulder and got him to sign autographs for all the 
>ladies in the section.
>Such an awesome night and just had to share.....