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Re: Pittsburgh Symphony does Zep with special guest....

Cool shit!  I saw a link for that the other day and forgot to forward to this 
list. Would love to see some pics if you got some.  Sounds like a real fun & 
surprising night!

Good for you!




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From: Jennifer Blake <jenapples2@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Thu, Jul 18, 2013 11:52 pm
Subject: Pittsburgh Symphony does Zep with special guest....

So tonight I had the GREAT fortune of attending the Pittsburgh Symphony 
Orchestra perform the music of Led Zeppelin.� They totally rocked it out...to 
hear a complete symphony orchestra perform GTBT, TSRTS, Going to California, 
etc.....I think my heart was actually skipping beats?!� Vocals�performed by 
guy named Brody Dolyniuk, who just really nailed it!
Got to the show a bit early, seats were in the Grand Tier level of Heinz 
Hall...nice and cool up on the upper level.� Sitting their minding our 
when the box door opens and a giant man steps through....I mean GIANT...block 
out the light of the sun...huge.� Turns out to be Brett Keisel, defensive end 
the Pittsburgh Steelers.� Heinz Hall seating capacity of over 2,400 and Brett 
Keisel sits down in front of me.� So awesome!� The guy is a Zep fan...he 
rocking out big time!� Mid show the vocalist announces that the show is a 
out and that they are going to try something different and ask for an audience 
member to participate.� Well, don't you just know that my buddy Brett Keisel 
waves his hand, stands up and makes his way to the stage in front of a crowd of 
screaming Zep and Steeler fans....gets up on the conductor box and proceeds to 
conduct (more like jam) the symphony to "Dancing Days".� Oh my freakin' 
Talk about awesome!
I went with my mom, who totally rocks out.� She took one for the team and 
on his (very large) shoulder and got him to sign autographs for all the ladies 
in the section.
Such an awesome night and just had to share.....