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Re: Eddie Kramer's 5.1 day... LZ?

Adding further fuel to this rumor, I read this morning that word has it Jimmy 
is in NYC this week. Either he's checking Kramer's work or dropping by Nech's 
place to jam. :)

On 7/17/13, Steve Thomson <zeppelin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I just read on another forum that Eddie Kramer posted
> "I'll never tell!! 5.1 day!!" on his Facebook page.
> Given that he once apparently said that Atlantic contacted him about 10 
> years ago to do a 5.1 remix of LZII and then never got back to him after 
> he said he'd do it, and since there are Deluxe Editions in the works, 
> perhaps Jimmy called him up.
> Or not. Still, it would be amazing to hear a 5.1 mix of that album, or 
> any of them really.*/
> /*