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2013.07.12 Robert Plant & Sensational Space Shifters @ Taste of Chicago

Photos (facebook album):

What Is and What Should Never Be:
(only video I took)

Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You [Anne Bredon / Joan Baez / Led Zeppelin 1969]
In the Mood [Robert Plant 1983]
Tin Pan Valley [Robert Plant 2005]
Spoonful [Howlin' Wolf]
Black Dog [Led Zeppelin 1971]
Another Tribe [Robert Plant 2005]
Going to California [Led Zeppelin 1971] *RP congratulates a couple who
got engaged during the song
The Enchanter [Robert Plant 2005]
What Is and What Should Never Be [Led Zeppelin 1969]
Fixin' to Die [Bukka White / Robert Plant 2002]
Whole Lotta Love [Willie Dixon / Led Zeppelin 1969] - including "Who
Do You Love?" [Bo Diddley] snippet

Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down [Uncle Tupelo / Robert Plant 2010]
Rock and Roll [Led Zeppelin 1971]

Great show, even though we got a shorter set tonight by two or three
songs than has been typical for the rest of the tour, apparently to
accommodate the festival's time constraints.  Compared to Berkeley for
example, we missed out on Friends and Please Read The Letter.  Robert
seemed genuinely happy for the couple who got engaged during GtC, also
saying before WIAWSNB that he should probably dedicate this next song
to them.  Looks like some folks on R-O recorded the radio/web
broadcast, and at least one version is up on various torrent sites as