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Re: Off topic: Turntables

Thanks Bruce
I went with the RP1, without the upgrade kit at the suggestion of the sales guy (I love to be sold!). He suggested to upgrade an RP1 to the Elys 2 which he said is warmer than the Bias 2. I did note Steve's suggestion that perhaps the Bias 2 may be a bit toppy which fitted with his suggestion. He maintains that the Elys 2 is the cartridge that they mostly instal into their RP3. He suggested a cork platter and from his perspective he suggested that this was good entry deck. To back up things he offered to take the cartridge back if it didn't scrub up for me.

My amp does have a phono pre amp on board which I had to get as a separate installation with my Arcam. Glad that I did. However, I take your point about the outboard pre amp, and also the groove tracer. Its all another world for someone who has been out of this for years and years.

This has been very illuminating and I thank everybody who has taken the time to give their views. I told you this was better than using google to find reviews :)


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Hi Brad

I'm a Rega man, myself (I have a P5). I think the RP1 is a solid choice for starting out. That upgrade kit seems to be okay, but I'll tell you a big improvement in performance can be had with just the Groove Tracer SubPlatter - which is something you can install yourself (google it). I also think the "white belt" is an improvement, but many will argue. The Bias2 and the Elys2 are good choices for cartridges - since they are Rega made, they integrate well without having to fidget about with getting things aligned properly. One other thing, even if your receiver has a Phono input, you'll still get better performance with an outboard phono preamp. I have the Rega Fono, but I've read that the Fono Mini is no slouch!

That said, I know many people swear by other brands and the following seem to be popular lower budget choices: Music Hall MMF-2.2 and Pro-Ject Debut.

If you want to talk more, feel free to drop me an email directly (goes for any FBOer).

take care


On 7/7/2013 5:27 PM, BGW wrote:
Hi all
I know that this is off topic and I could easily do my google search for reviews, however, I have a ready bank of people on the ground here who I trust more than reviews.

I am going to venture back into vinyl as I was faced with either throwing out my thousands of vinyl albums or getting another turntable. Just too much stuff and memories to throw them out.

So not knowing turntables as I once did I was thinking about an entry level deck like the Rega Planar RP1. In Oz it retails for about $495 but one mob is doing an 'upgrade' kit that seems to have garnered some good reviews (I did do some research). Here is the package: http://www.stereophonic.com.au/products/Rega-RP1-Performance-Pack-Turntable.html All in all it looks good, and a reputable and long standing brand. Still made in the UK. This thing will marry up with a high end Arcam amp and some JBL reference monitors.

So I'd be appreciative of any advice that people can offer. I don't want to get technical too much. I just want a good entry level deck that will revive the 70s for me!

Sorry for going off topic but this may be of interest to others as well.