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RE: Nassau!!!

Giving this a listen now. Very cool. Ronnie Wood playing on CB to finish the
show is cool. 



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And there it is!!!  Can't wait to get home and get this puppy!!!!


or here


Led Zeppelin
February 13th, 1975
Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York, USA

Disc 1:
02.Rock And Roll
03.Sick Again
04.Over The Hills And Far Away
05.In My Time Of Dying
06.The Song Remains The Same
07.The Rain Song

Disc 2:
01.No Quarter
02.Trampled Underfoot
03.Moby Dick

Disc 3:
01.Dazed And Confused
02.Stairway To Heaven
03.Whole Lotta Love
04.Black Dog
05.Communication Breakdown