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Re: Najma Akhtar's Prompter on Unledded

I imagine Robert's penis found her somewhere and then they found out
later that she could sing.

On 7/3/13, J. Paul Zoccali <zoccali.jpaul1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I was just listening to it, so I thought I'd drop a quick note regarding
> the Unledded/No Quarter performance for those who aren't aware.  The reason
> Najma Akhtar missed a verse or two on BOE is because her teleprompter
> malfunctioned.  If you watch the video closely during the song, you'll
> notice that she glances at Robert and shakes her and kind of shrugs at a
> point where she's missing a verse--which I can't say I minded considering
> what an unbelievable singer she is; perfect for that role, really.  Curious
> how the boys found her.
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