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Re: RP Tour

It's on a cdr I have that is mislabeled 10/18/68 Marquee club.  Somewhere I 
have the notes on what I found the date to be, but that slipcase eludes me at 
the moment. It's vinyl sourced as I listened to it on the way in to hell, and 
I'll be damned if the ALAIHY might indeed contain some of Plants longest wails 
outside of that one posted. if anyone want to sleuth out the real date/venue 
for me that's be cool...gonna drive me nuts as to what date it really was. I do 
recall I ended up figuring it was actually two '69 shows

Chris L. I believe this is one you spotted on dropbox. And it was also on .com 
posted by someone claiming to have the first Marquee show, but was dismissed on 
there as well. Like I mention below in D&C there is a very familiar echo tape 
effect but the quality of the sound makes you think it's  a different gig than 
what it actually was.  Do you have any of our emails saved..

 Either way the first part is SMOKING even with the shit sq.


CB 3:04
ICQYB 5:50
Lemon Song 8:21 
ALAIHY ( cuts in ) 7:40     check it out here: http://snd.sc/19OwrFF

second or different show?
D&C 11:01  very familiar sounding tape echo firing up @ 03:07
WS/BMS 08:31 



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Nech, from which show/tour? That was like a devil's guitar giving birth to a 
witch's microphone in a Game of Thrones episode.

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> Like the one Plant wails on here after Jimmy's guitar wail?!?!
> https://soundcloud.com/nech-2/alaihytone