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Re: Happy New Year (SZC)

Happy New Year Jenzi and to everyone else also.

Nech and Laura I'll also take this opportunity to say I too am 
sorry for the losses both of you experienced in 2012.

On Mon Dec 31 15:30:54 CST 2012, Jenzi Silverman 
<coop0001@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all -- For some of you it's 2013 already, for the rest of us, 
it will
be very soon -- so I want to wish all of you a wonderful New Year! 
know it's been a challenging one for some folks...and I know I 
always been the best at sending those of you my good wishes (Nech 
Laura, for example, I don't think I ever sent condolences on the 
loss of
your cousin and your canine family member, respectively...I am so 
I WAS thinking of you guys.).

So if this year wasn't the best for whatever reason -- may the 
one bring the best of everything. If this year was good to you -- 
the coming one still bring the best of everything! And here's 
hoping for
more happy Zep-related news too, of course :D Take care everyone 
-- be
happy and safe tonight!

Peace, love, and Zep forever,

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