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Re: Where is Physical Grafiti?

Once you're done at PG take a walk west to 2nd ave. Stop. Take a look around. 
You are in the heart of what I grew up knowing as the Uke Ghetto ; )   to the 
left used to stand the Fillmore East. To the right UKEville with the National 
Home, Plast & CYM headquarters. Directly in front of you St Marks between 2nd & 
3rd...what was the mecca for punk exhorbitance thru the 70's &  80's. Gem Spa 
which graced the back cover of NYDOLL'ss debute album still's there!!! head 
south and make a right on 7th and experience the legend that is McSorley's . 
Whilst  hoisting your round ( you HAVE to buy two mugs ) Stare across the 
street at St. George's Church & Academy and picture a little Nech running 
around dressed as a lady bug during the pre-school Holloween Masquerade 
Balls.and recoil in terror. Keep heading west thru Coopers Square, bear left at 
Astor Place then right on Waverly and you'll hit the heart of Greenwich 
Village. No need to explain the myriads of musical history events that took 
place in some of the ancient clubs.  From Cafe Wha to Electric Ladyland 
Studios, there's so mych to take in, you'll need a lifetime. 

Enjoy your trip. I know I did mine.




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It is on St. Mark's Place (8th Street) between 1st Ave and Ave A in the area 
known as the East Village of Manhattan.  It is across the street from a place 
called the Yaffa Cafe.

Not sure where you are in the city, but if you are on the east side of 
and get on the 4/5/6 subway (green line), you can take a 6 train to Astor 
which is 8th Street and 4th Ave/Lafayette, about 3-4 blocks west of the 
building.  In general, it's a great area of the city with lots of cool shops, 
bars and restaurants, so it's worth the trip as long as you don't mind today's 
annoyingly cold weather.

> Subject: Where is Physical Grafiti?
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> Hey Peeps. I'm in NYC today. Thought I might go find the building. Can anyone 
give me quick directions?
> -Phil