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Cracker Jack Blues / Zep Boot Recording Quality

I believe this is the single best live Zep recording I've heard:


Maybe that means I just haven't heard enough of them.  Is Cracker Jack
blues as good as it gets?  A touch muddy, maybe?  I guess I'd rather have
it that way than very tinny like my my copy of Listen to this, Eddie.  I've
come to the conclusion that very poor recordings of what sound like killer
performances, like my copy of Fixin' to Die, aren't really worth having.
(though Plant opens it with a mind-blowing 3-note ascending wail at the
beginning of ICQYB.)

So...I'm interested in finding out what the very best recording/performance
combos are.  What's number 1?  Is there a "consensus" Top 10?  I think I'm
more interested in the pre-'73 stuff.  I know there's another smokin' show
from Fillmore West around that time with an absolutely incredible WLL

Sorry if too rudimentary  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  (As I
type, I'm finding out that you can barely hear Page on the heavy parts of
BIGLY, though it's pretty cool to hear JPJ so clear throughout for a
change.  Fantastic recording of Bonham on Pat's Delight on Cracker

Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Best Regards,
J.Paul Zoccali


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