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Re: LZ on CBS This Morning (Charlie Rose Interview)

Very well said,Wyatt!

Just to clarify; I think the confusion regarding the 'Charlie Rose'
interview came from him being on CBS AND having his own show on PBS. At
least that was the source of my own confusion.

So his schedule for the PBS show still shows Quentin Tarantino,which I take
to mean that Zep will not be interviewed around the round table after all.

I did manage to find the CBS interview already on Youtube;


On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 3:09 PM, Wyatt Brake <wyattbrake@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> That was Gayle King, known primarily for her long-term friendship with
> Oprah (Norah O'Donnell is the other host).  Hoda Kotb is on NBC.
> I definitely thought the Sunday Morning profile piece was better.  I
> like Charlie Rose, but as others have mentioned, I would have rather
> seen the guys sit around Rose's table for his PBS show in an extended
> interview as Robert did in 2005 alone and in 2007 with Krauss and
> Burnett.
> Jimmy's body language in any interview could keep any analyst busy for
> a while.  I know Page gave up cocaine years and years ago, but he
> still exhibits the fidgety behavior of a longtime user, especially the
> tendency to 'go to the nose' and the exaggerated mouth movements (that
> may also be a consequence of the dentures).  This seems to happen
> mostly when he's uncomfortable with a question; notice when he's
> adamant about something and sure about an answer, the fidgeting seems
> to disappear and he gets very wide-eyed and serious.  'Yeah, you're
> goddamn right we were the best!'  Reunion tour?  Dive for the water
> bottle...
> One has to be struck by Plant's humility in the answer to that
> question now versus one of my favorite answers he's ever given,
> paraphrased as 'not just that we are the best band on the planet, it's
> that we're so much better than whoever is number two'.  I like Rose
> trying to call him out for this self-deprecation and Plant admitting
> that he "resembles that remark" - ha!  "Fraternity of lunacy" - gotta
> love that phrase.
> Jonesy always strikes me as the most at ease and comfortable in his
> own skin at any given moment in time - he's not struggling with the
> weight of the legacy, nor is he worried about trying to do something
> to live up to it or escape it.  I liked his answer about not being
> keen on the huge stadium shows and losing the subtlety of the band.
> Robert nodded, but Jimmy was neutral, quickly pointing out that they
> could never satisfy the demand for the band.  It probably would have
> been a good time mention - hey, we sold out six nights at the Garden
> and the LA Forum...
> Plant still doesn't have a great answer for why they didn't continue,
> but to try my hand at interpreting this particular answer, I think he
> might have had the 1998 Walking Into Everywhere tour in mind...
> mediocre album sales for a brand new Page/Plant collaboration, people
> taking bathroom breaks and beer runs when the new tracks were played,
> and you end up playing a setlist that is over 50% pre-1976 vintage.
> He doesn't think a "Led Zeppelin" tour that did something other than
> that would satisfy most people that would go (obviously we're not
> talking about hardcore fans who would love to hear Presence played in
> its entirety).  He may or may not have been right about that, but I
> can understand why he might feel that way.  We'll likely never know.
> Celebration Day was/has been a triumph, and hopefully that is enough
> for Jimmy and will help him move on with any and all projects he has
> in mind.
> Wyatt
> On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 2:17 PM, TheCosmicEnergy
> <thecosmicenergy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Even Hoda, or whatever her name is, admittedly has a greater
> > appreciation for Zep after seeing it.
> >
> >                    Cheers,
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