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Re: 10 X ???

I have not listened to any other show since I got this release.
surely I will, but as of yet, I don't need to!



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Subject: 10 X ???

3 out of 4 Dentists agree that people not happy with the virtues of CD do so to merely get a rise of out those that do.

Seriously... I'm trying to come up with any solid reasoning to NOT like it. And I bet, that given the one example of giving a kid a pile of shows and then coming back and asking which was the best... I can guarantee you that 7.5 out of 10 would choose CD. WHY? Because it sounds the best and closest to what any contemporary kid would even consider listening to. Beside having the attention spans of ADHD newts, most kids today simply would not and could not listen nor relate to what Zeppelin of yore was doing. Be truly honest with yourselves and think about it...what WE love and are addicted to, 89.645 percent of Zeppelin's fan base could not give a rat's ass about. I personally know plenty of really loving fans that simply cannot stand listening to Live Zep other than what was given the JP treatment or what's on DVD. I have burnt numerous copies of what we all tend to consider being* the best* and have gotten them back with , nah sorry, give me HTWWW or TSRTS anyday.

So CD being 10x worse than the worst... nah, give it a rest. It was the best 'Led Zeppelin' show of the this current generation's life.

I'm off to celebrate the end of the world with a pastrami & tongue sandwich.