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Re: The Object E-bay

Since we are discussing the Object, I'll put in my 2 cents.

I have one replica I bought from Rick B. for $20 back in 1991.  After many 
moves and changes in life, it still looks really good; no scars or wear marks 
from me.

Then for what ever reason about 2 months ago I decided to buy this one from 
Harvest Music.  The guy's name is Brian Cossack [bcossack@xxxxxxxxx].


Even though it was packaged great, the first one I received was broken into 3 
pieces!!!!   It was ugly.  Very sad.  It took a bunch of crap to go through 
postal insurance stuff, but Brian finally got reimbursed.  Because of that I 
have not actually taken the broken one fully out of the packaging yet.  When I 
finally do that I'll take some pictures of a "broken Object" and send them to 

In the mean time Brian was really cool and sent me out another one.  It sounds 
like he has someone who cranks these out so they are not in short supply or 
actually in limited numbers, but I could be wrong about that.  

But the new one I got is really nice.  It's smoother than the old one, and the 
finish is more of a flat black than glossy.  If you would really like to have 
an Object in your house, I can say that this one is quite nice.  I'm really 
glad I have both now just to see the differences.   I'll try to take some pics 
during the holidays.

Pricing wise I don't think you'll get much cheaper either.  I've been looking 
for years and have seen very few down around this price.  These things just 
keep going up and up.  And when he charges you $19 for S&H, it's worth it.  He 
packs it really well, and to get mine he actually paid the post office like $22 
to ship it with full insurance (which turns out it was worth it).

My only regret now is that I didn't buy an original in the unopened box from 
Rick back in 1991.  Back then he was selling them for like $250!!!!!   What a 
steal !!!!! 

$2000 for an opened and damaged Object????   I'd REALLY like to have one, but 
that's ridiculous.   No Fin' way.