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RE: The Object...4 sale

I'd give $750 MAX for this, as-is...

Best Regards,

Jeff Strawman
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I wouldn't buy it if it was perfect, and in the original box and wrapping!
 If I had a $100 fake one, which are out there, who would ever come to my
house and know the dif? Its funny the way time has changed my line of
thinking, 20 years ago I would probably kill to get one.....

Christopher Leone 
Mobile Signing Solutions, Corp.


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Two grand  for an item that by the seller's own admission doesn't have the
original box and has several condition issues - and the only pic posted is
from an angle that doesn't show any of the defining characteristics.  I
will pass, even with free shipping!


On Dec 11, 2012 9:16 AM, "Nech" <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Any specialists out there that can vouch for the authenticity of this high
> priced item?
> Rick?