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Re: Zepp on Letterman...

I had never heard it used in that fashion, but I think we can safely
interpret from the context clues of Robert's expression and the rest
of the reactions that it's the same thing as a "nooner" or "afternoon
delight"... AKA fucking in the middle of the day (or perhaps shortly
after you wake up, if you're a rock star), to be slightly more crass.

On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 7:59 PM, Lee McCauslin <lee.mccauslin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> So for those of us who are Englandly challenged, what does "matinee"
> mean over there?
> On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 7:28 PM, James Bonal <bonal71@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Thanks much for posting this, Dawn.
>> I know the majority of FBO reviewers didn't much care for Dave's interview 
>> (which, in terms of Zep-content, left a lot to be desired for we hard core 
>> fans), but, from just an all around good-feeling point of view, I really 
>> enjoyed it.
>> More importantly, the boys really seemed to enjoy it, too.  It was 
>> absolutely fantastic to see JPJ, and to a slightly lesser extent, Jimmy, 
>> come alive and show an uncharacteristically jovial and fun side of 
>> themselves.
>> An absolutely classic moment that made me burst out into a big smile came 
>> around the 8:30 mark, when, after a bunch of clowning and funny comments 
>> from JPJ, Robert joked about how great it was to have JPJ sitting so close 
>> to the host ... and then - it's a little hard to hear because Letterman and 
>> JPJ are joking about Robert's joke - Plant follows it up with "I've never 
>> heard him talk so much in his life."  Loved it!
>> Jimmy also had a lengthy belly-laugh over Dave's comment about them not 
>> needing to button their shirts for takeoff (talking about the iconic 
>> Starship photo) and a burst of laughter and elbowing of Plant after Dave 
>> says "Oh my God" after realizing what Robert was saying about Zep's meaning 
>> of a "matinee".  All three of them really seemed to get a kick out JPJ's 
>> deadpanned response of "no" to Dave's pondering that after their weekend 
>> together at the Kennedy Center, it seemed like he was kind of in the band 
>> now, too.
>> This appearance really showed a comradery  among the three of them that I've 
>> not seen in any post-Zep interviews ... if nothing else, the past couple of 
>> months have demonstrated to me that they're getting along better in public 
>> exponentially better than they have at any time in the past 32 years (btw 
>> thanks to Nech for reminding us of that rather sad punctuation to Zeppelin's 
>> existence).
>> I think for the casual music fan who might vaguely remember Stairway and 
>> wonder what these guys are like now, they did themselves proud and provided 
>> a lively interview that was significantly more entertaining then the 2003 
>> Today show or others that have been referenced here recently.
>> Bravo.
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>>> Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012 08:30:48 -0500
>>> Subject: Zepp on Letterman...
>>> From: dawnmariegodfree@xxxxxxxxx
>>> To: zeppelin@xxxxxxxx
>>> For those who missed it last night...
>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0hbtVIfMgs
>>> Dawn