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Re: David Letterman was terrible.

Across the way is England. You know like across the pond?
Jonesy was awesome.. They all were. 

Suzanne Welch

On Dec 4, 2012, at 8:30 PM, "Frank" <fmiller6@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I agree Michael but I can say that Letterman handled it just as I thought he 
> would. So I  was as disappointed in him as I thought I would be. The boys did 
> seem to have fun and Jimmy spoke a bit more than I expected him to. Jonesy's 
> IM air guitar was cool, that made me laugh a few chuckles. I still don't know 
> what Robert was referring to when he spoke about the Kennedy event comparing 
> it to what happens across the way, as it were. Was he dissing New Jersey or 
> did I miss something?
> All in all seeing those three men sitting together was about as awesome as TV 
> can get so I love that they were there. Would I have loved to see Jon Stewart 
> interview them, hell yeah. He would have given them the whole damned show and 
> would have provoked and insightful discussion.
> :O)
> Chef
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> Subject: David Letterman was terrible.
>> I mean the man, of course, not the show named after him.
>> Plenty of people have already made the same assessment here, so I'll just 
>> reiterate. Atrocious interview, its only redeeming quality being the 
>> opportunity to see the "Zeppelin threesome" together in one place for what 
>> will be the last time in a long time.
>> But fu@k was Letterman awful. If you don't know enough about your guests, 
>> you get your researchers to fill you in. It doesn't get any more basic than 
>> that! But no, the erstwhile king of late night is obviously above that, and 
>> instead we had to suffer through him stumbling through the interview and our 
>> boys looking uncomfortable to varying degrees.
>> Before last night, I'd watched Letterman for maybe a total of 15 minutes in 
>> the past 15 years. In the mid- to late '80s, when he was on NBC, you could 
>> count on "Late Night with David Letterman" being a guaranteed laugh-fest 
>> every night. There was some great absurdist humor (mostly thanks to regulars 
>> like Chris Elliott--e.g., his "guy under the stairs" bit--and segments like 
>> Viewer Mail). After watching last night, it's obvious to me that he's merely 
>> cruising on the dregs of his persona, and what's left just isn't funny at 
>> all.
>> I say give Jonesy his own talk show. He was a riot.