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RE: Gracing covers galore...

Now, I'm going to raise the following point with all due skepticism and 
caution, but if you check out the description of the GW issue on the link Nech 
provided, it says Jimmy, among other things, "offers a tantalizing hint of the 
group's possible future."

My first thought is that GW would really be acting deceptively to gin up sales 
if it used that wording to describe Jimmy's album-by-album box set plans for 

The second thought is to refer to Jimmy's recent (last month) responses in the 
BBC and other interviews where he was as explicit as he's ever been about his 
doubts that Zeppelin will ever perform together again.

But ... I cannot help but view that GW description in the context of Robert's 
quote from this past weekend about "being game" if anyone wants to write songs 
with him, which is a similar about-face from his prior (circa 2008) statements 
about not being in the same place with Page and Jones musically.

And, in hindsight, I found it a bit odd that Obama would include in his Kennedy 
Center remarks the comment along the lines of Zep having "maybe played their 
last show at the O2, we don't know."  It was clear from the speech that the 
writer had a strong knowledge of Zep, so it stands to reason that he would also 
be very aware of how agitated questions/suggestions about future endeavors made 
the boys during the CD pressers, and for that reason, I would think the writer 
would go out of his/her way to avoid in any way tainting the KC honors for them.

I realize I've grabbed a pair of those rose colored shades myself with this 
post, but it makes me wonder ...

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> Subject: Gracing covers galore...
> Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012 17:02:46 -0500
> Man,
> If these are all Ross prints, that little Viking hobbit sex spawn is rolling
> in it!!
> http://www.led-zeppelin.org/joomla/current-news/2060-new-led-zep-mag-coverage
> Viking Hobbit Sex...
> Can I call that as a future band name?!?!?
> Mine!
> Nech