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Japanese Celebration Day CD

So I got my Japanese Celebration Day CD yesterday (yes Nech, I bought yet 
another version) and I just got to checking it out.  I debated about opening 
it, but I really wanted to be able to see how it sounds in direct comparison.  
Many people talk about the superior quality of Japanese discs etc, so I figured 
I'd debunk those fairy tails.  Anyway, I haven't listened to it yet, but here's 
what you get physically, good and bad.

I didn't open my U.S. digipak CD (only my Deluxe Blu-ray and Blu-ray Audio) so 
I can't compare apples to apples, but I "think" the packaging is mostly the 
same.  Of course you get the customary Japanese side sleeve thingy on the 
outside, and a Japanese information sticker on the front.   The first pressings 
also came with a flat matte finish post card that is printed front & back that 
measures about 5-1/2" x 7-7/8".   Inside looks about the same.   I think the 
booklet is made from thicker higher quality stock, and it looks like a superior 
print job.  I'll have to compare that when I get home.  It comes with 2 
Japanese bonus inserts printed on 2 different white stocks.  One is some 
information card, and the other is a booklet that has all the lyrics printed in 
English & Japanese.

Now for the bad news.  When assembling these cases, the stupid f*ckers did it 
wrong.   Instead of assembling the case, then sticking in the CD's, they put in 
the CD's then assembled the case.  Here's the problem.  They went through the 
effort to put the CD's in these thin plastic sleeves (which I'd guess the U.S 
ones don't have), but the CD's slid down so the plastic sleeves got caught up 
on the tape that they use to hold the case together.  Worse yet, it got caught 
up on the open end of the plastic sleeve.  So basically, without ripping the 
case or cutting the end of the plastic sleeves, there was no way to get the 
CD's out!!!  How fracking stupid is that???   And on one end, it caught the 
plastic sleeve so much that the case won't stay together because all the tape 
is on the plastic sleeve.  Very frustrating to pay big bucks for this and have 
it so poorly assembled.

So I carefully cut the sleeves and took the CD's out.   No going back in either 
because of the thinness of the sleeves and how they bunch up.  What a piece of 
crap.  So I'll need to store the CD's in a separate case now and just use the 
other for display.  At some point in the near future (hopefully) I will do a 
sound comparison with the U.S. version.  I'm 99.9% sure they will sound the 
same, but you never know until you try.

I took pictures if anyone wants to see, let me know.  Perhaps Nech can post 
them to the LZ site so they are out there for everyone.

Cheers ---- Kurt