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Re: LZ Letterman Appearance - Steve Sauer Report

Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012 07:02:34 -0600
From: Lalaha <lalaha7@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: LZ Letterman Appearance - Steve Sauer Report

I didn't expect it to be insightful so therefore I wasn't disappointed. I
don't find Dave's off-kilter Midwestern goof persona off-putting, however
I'm also in the Daily Show/Colbert camp and only record the late night talk
shows to see a specific guest.  All I expect from these appearances is a
bit of info about whatever new project is being promoted and a chance to
experience the personality of the guest.  If I ever learn anything from
these encounters, I consider it a bonus !  The hosts need to cater to their
core viewers, not the fanatics who tune in for a specific guest, so generic
Q&A is the norm and I get it.

They all seemed relatively comfortable and Dave seemed more concerned about
Jonesy in the hot seat than he did.  I was afraid we were getting the Elvis
story again but luckily the moment passed.  I need to watch it again to
pick  up on the subtleties but overall, it was enjoyable to me.



I agree 100% Laura.  Couldn't have said it better.  I enjoyed it immensely 
myself.  I even had a hard time sleeping.

I'm not sure why anyone would have expected anything different than what we 
got.  And what would they expect or want anyway?   This was main stream 
television interviewing 3 "unique" guys who don't like to do interviews, all 
after a spectacular weekend that I'm sure was fun for all of them.  It was an 
informal impromptu "hey, you guys want to come on the show tomorrow just for 
kicks?"   It was the morning after the party cup of coffee, and I enjoyed it 

And to everyone, I got my wish.  See my post below from last Friday about the 
seating arrangement.  It was perfect.  Damned I'm good.  ;>)  Wink wink.

Now on a funny side note, until this morning it didn't occur to me, but this 
seating arrangement and interview went much like one I saw a while back with 3 
other men from a different legacy.  I forget if it was Letterman or Leno or 
what, but I vaguely remember a show where William Shatner sat in the far seat, 
Leonard Nimoy sat in the middle, and George Takei sat in the hot seat.  It was 
hysterical, and much like last night.  The cocky talker (Plant & Shatner) sat 
the farthest away, leaned in a lot to try and get a word in.  The calm 
intellectual (Page & Nimoy) sat calmly in the middle only speaking when spoken 
to, and the usually forgotten grossly underrated 3rd stringer (Jones & Takei) 
stole the show.  Who would have known: Robert Kirk, Jimmy Spock, and John Paul 
Sulu.  Or would it be James Tiberious Plant, Spock Page, and Hikari Jones?   
Too bad all 6 of them won't ever do a skit together on Saturday Night Live.


Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 19:22:06 -0500
From: Kurt & Susan Rompf <romler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Led Zeppelin interview on David Letterman

Oh, and hey, Dave¹s going to have to add a 3rd chair isn¹t he?   Or will he
make them sit together on a couch?  We could make a big game out of this.
Who¹s going to sit by Dave?   Who¹s going to sit in the middle?   Who¹s
going to sit in that far off seat?   

Odds are, first seat Robert (because he likes to talk, he already knows Dave, 
and he doesn¹t seem to like to sit next to John), second seat Jimmy, last seat 

Better would be first seat John, second seat Jimmy, last seat Robert.