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Re: Charlie Rose

Thank for the clarification Mike. I simply read it as Charlie Rose. I think it 
was for AK, but I have that RP CR on DVD somewhere. I remember it being a 
really good interview so would've loced for this to be  a full CR episode. And 
yes, I too scrolled down. Was hoping for a 360 view as well ; )  

yeah, I'm a dirty old sod!  

Either way, loving the Zep overload.  Amazing how many people either on FB, or 
via email and work email are all telling me about it all. "Hey, did you knwo? 
Did you see? Did you hear? !" Ha ha, yeah, I certainly have and am McLoving it!

If I wasn't duty bound, I tell you, I'd be in line for Dave.  Speaking of, hope 
Front Row Dave gets in! 


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> Zep interviewed for Charlie Rose as well...don't know time yet.
> http://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa165/FBO_bucket/neweer%20stuff/Zep_Charlie.jpg

Inferring from my Facebook reading last nite and this morning: this apparently 
wasn't for Charlie Rose's late-night talk show (for which he's twice 
Plant, once around the time of Dreamland or Mighty Rearranger, I forget which, 
and again for Raising Sand), but for the CBS morning news... but they didn't 
it this morning, saying it would be aired sometime later.

> oh and just because...
> http://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa165/FBO_bucket/neweer%20stuff/Zep_tattoo.jpg

Confession: I tried to scroll down and see the rest! :-)

Cheezy, but at least she's chosen the right symbol for the top of the stairway.