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Re: complete roundup

I simply cannot wait to see this Dec 26th!  CBS this morning played a slip of 
STH and it sounded pretty cool. 

 As a Zeppelin fan, I am beyond pleased and excited to see our boys being 
honored in such ways and once again, proving that my obsession is a hard one to 
kick and one that affects millions & millions worldwide. A Zepidemic if you 

 I am, and will remain a Zep fan for life. 

Than you all for keeping the buzz going all weekend long as I disappeared into 
the woodwork of family life.
It's so great to flip on my email and see so many things being reported. From 
Letterman to Plant down under...
long live Zep , long live FBO.


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Interesting seating at the event itself - Robert sat in the middle!

>>â??Led Zeppelin!â??