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Re: complete roundup

I cant wait to watch this now!!!  another Celebration Day in Fact!

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>Interesting seating at the event itself - Robert sat in the middle!
>>>â??Led Zeppelin!â??
>Comedian/occasional rock star Jack Black got right to the point at the
>35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors. He was there to pay tribute to Led
>Zeppelin, and started his speech by yelling their name, as if he was
>demanding that a DJ play his favorite Zep jams.
>It kicked off a hilarious tribute from the man who once sent a video
>appeal to Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones to allow a film
>he starred in, School Of Rock, to use â??Immigrant Songâ?? for an
>important scene. (In reference to that, the house orchestra played
>â??Immigrant Songâ?? as Black took the stage).
>Clearly, it was a departure for the Kennedy Center Honors. Now in itâ??s
>35th year, the ceremony started out by paying tribute to cultural
>icons like Fred Astaire, Ella Fitzgerald and Tennessee Williams.  In
>recent years, rock has been represented more and more at this
>prestigious event, with Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey,
>Elton John and Bruce Springsteen all collecting the Kennedy Center
>medallion. But past ceremonies probably never got as loud as this
>Of course, Led Zeppelin were the eventâ??s headliners.  The show kicked
>off with a tribute to legendary actor Dustin Hoffman, who was feted by
>his Wag The Dogco-star Robert DeNiro (a Kennedy Center honoree in
>2009). DeNiro deadpanned that â??Dustin Hoffman is a world class,
>colossal� pain in the ass.  He inspired me to be a pain in the ass
>too,â?? noting that Hoffmanâ??s perfectionism may not have made things
>easy for filmmakers, but it did result in better films.
>â??What Dustin did for all of us, he made it OK to be a character actor
>and a movie star,â?? noting that he has played more iconic roles than
>anyone, and joked that heâ??s waiting to see new remakes of those films:
>â??Psy in â??Death Of A Salesman, Gangnam Style,â?? Lindsey Lohan in
>â??Tootsie Rollâ?? and Justin Bieber in â??The Under-Graduate.â??â??
>â??Dustin Hoffman is one of the best actors to hit the stage and the
>movie screen.  You made me proud to be an actor and proud to be your
>Ballet icon Natalia Makarova was next; 1999 Kennedy Center Honoree
>dancer/choreographer Judith Jameson recalled, â??When I first saw her, I
>said, â??Now thatâ??s a ballerina!â??â?? A tribute by some of the worldâ??s
>foremost dancers followed.
>Ballet and the blues donâ??t often share a stage, but after the dancers
>left, Morgan Freeman, wearing a fedora, strutted out to talk about
>Buddy Guy.
>â??The first time I heard the blues I was on my grandmotherâ??s porch in
>Mississippi. They used to call that area â??gutbucket.â??â??  Looking up at
>Guy in the balcony, he said, â??Hereâ??s what you did:  you mastered the
>soul of gutbucket.   You used that music as your starting point, you
>found a new music that no one ever heard before.  Without the
>Internet, without YouTube or even FM radio.  You made a bridge from
>roots to rock and roll.â??
>He continued, â??How important is this?   Itâ??s still just the blues
>right? Wrong.  With Buddy Guy itâ??s never just the blues.  Itâ??s the
>blues.   Usually playing the blues is not what you would call a great
>career choice.  But thereâ??s Buddy. Sitting up there with the best. So
>when you hear the blues, you really donâ??t think of it as black or
>white or yellow or purple or blue. Buddy Guy, your blues brought us
>together.   I think thatâ??s something to sing about.â??
>First was young gun Gary Clark Jr. (who played for the President
>earlier this year, along with Guy, in a tribute to the blues at the
>White House) with Jimmie Vaughan for â??The Things That I Used To Do.â??
>Tracy Chapman then took the stage to sing â??Hound Dog,â?? the song that
>Big Mama Thornton performed before Elvis Presley popularized it (Guy
>backed Thornton on a version of the song, which might explain why it
>was used in the tribute).
>One of Guyâ??s biggest disciples, Jeff Beck, then took the stage with
>singer Beth Hart.  As was the case when he played the White Houseâ??s
>tribute to the blues earlier this year (along with Guy, Clark and
>others), he still has an aversion to sleeves, even when playing for
>the President Of The United States. Attire aside, Beck and Hart did
>the Etta James classic â??Iâ??d Rather Go Blind,â?? a song which has also
>made it into Guyâ??s repertoire. Bonnie Raitt then took the stage,
>asking â??How about Beth Hart?â?? before going into â??My Time After
>Awhile.â??  Then Clark, Vaughan, Beck, Chapman and Hart returned to the
>stage for â??Sweet Home Chicago.â??
>Tina Fey then got on the mic, and the proceedings began to take on the
>air of a roast.  â??Good evening.  David Letterman began his  career as
>a choreographer and black opera singer in the early 1950s just so he
>could qualify for this award,â?? she joked. But she recalled watching
>Lettermanâ??s morning TV show in 1980 with her mother. â??She couldnâ??t
>believe what she was seeing.   A morning show that was making her
>laugh! She had found this weird gem. Was he a parody of talk show
>hosts or just a goon who was a little bit â??off.â??   Thirty years later,
>time has provenâ?¦ that thereâ??s just really no way of knowing!â??  She
>noted his lack of phoniness, saying that â??He doesnâ??t â??fake-likeâ??
>anybodyâ?¦ you fantasize that he might like you.â?? She also pointed out
>that his return to the airwaves after 9/11 led the way for other
>comedians to get back to work.
>Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmell and Ray Romano all pitched in with their
>own stories about Letterman (all commenting that Dave probably hates
>the idea of being celebrated at a ceremony) and then ended up
>comparing notes:  â??Does he talk to you during commercial breaks?â??
>And then it was time to rock.  Jack Black took the stage with the bold
>statement: â??Led Zeppelin is the greatest rock and roll band of all
>time.  Better than The Beatles! Better than the Stones! Even better
>than Tenacious D (referring to his own band).   Thatâ??s not opinion,
>thatâ??s fact!  If you donâ??t agree you never did the Led Zeppelin
>marathon,â?? he said, saying that all â??true fansâ?? have to do it: listen
>to all of Zeppelinâ??s albums in a row.
>He also noted the bandâ??s wide appeal, spreading from famously liberal
>film director Oliver Stone to recent Republican Vice-Presidential
>candidate Paul Ryan. â??They say that Led Zeppelin sold their souls to
>Satan,â?? possibly the first time such a reference was made at the
>Kennedy Center.  Looking up at them in the balcony, he chided, â??Come
>on guys, you know you did!  Thereâ??s no other way to explain your
>ungodly talent!  I just want to say â??thank you,â?? because while youâ??re
>in hell, the human race will cherish your heavenly  jams until the end
>of time! Itâ??s a small price to pay. We love you.â??
>Blackâ??s pals the Foo Fighters then took the stage.  Two months after
>frontman Dave Grohl declared that the band was taking a break, they
>were back, paying tribute to Zep.  Grohl stayed behind the drums,
>though, letting drummer Taylor Hawkins take the mic for â??Black Dogâ??
>and â??Rock and Roll.â??  Hawkins, who fronts his own band (Taylor Hawkins
>and The Coattail Riders), strained to replicate Robert Plantâ??s vocals;
>but then, so do most singers.
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>Honors In December
>That was also an issue for Kid Rock, who followed with â??Babe, Iâ??m
>Gonna Leave Youâ?? and â??What Is And What Should Never Be.â??  But things
>really picked up when Lenny Kravitz took to the stage to sing â??Whole
>Lotta Love.â??  While Kravitz usually plays guitar on stage, he just
>kept to the mic, concentrating on doing Plantâ??s vocals justice. After
>that, John Bonhamâ??s son, Jason Bonham, who played with Zeppelin at
>their 2007 reunion concert recently released as the Celebration Day
>live album and DVD, got behind the drums, wearing a bowler hat (which
>his father often used to wear).
>Heart sisters (and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees) Ann and Nancy
>Wilson, longtime Zep disciples, closed the show with an epic version
>of â??Stairway To Heaven,â?? complete with a string section, backing
>singers and a choir (all wearing Bonzo-esque bowlers).
>Throughout the performances, Page beamed, and he, Plant and Jones
>seemed to be enjoying each otherâ??s company.  Tonight (December 3),
>they will appear together alongside a fellow honoree when they guest
>on Late Show With David Letterman. Itâ??s the last scheduled event that
>the three will appear at, leading fans to wonder if it will be their
>final bow.  If it is, the Kennedy Center Honors helped to provide a
>great last hurrah for the group dubbed by Jack Black as the â??Best!
>Band! Ever!â??
>The Kennedy Center Honors will air nationwide on CBS on Wednesday,
>December 26 at 9 pm ET/PT.
>â?? Brian Ives, CBS Local