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RE: (OT) A toast to SRV

I was living in Indianapolis at the time, and I remember considering going to 
that show, but went to see Clapton in Cincinnati a couple days prior instead.  
I'd seen SRV 4 times in the year leading up to it, and figured there would be 
plenty of other chances.  First time at Deer Creek in Indy in '89 ($20 per 
carload to get in!) and he was deafeningly loud, then in Evansville IN a couple 
weeks later, then at Hara Arena in Dayton with Jeff Beck in 11/89 (which 
appeared at Dime recently, still can't bring myself to listen quite yet), and 
last time at Deer Creek exactly 8 weeks before he died.   That show was 
actually too low on volume, it was hard to hear him from even the 20th row.  I 
remember he broke a lot of strings that night.   But what an unbelievable 
performer.   For those of you who didn't spend enough on the Jimmy Page book, 
there is a mega-tome on SRV available for $75 now, looks to be exhaustive.  

Obligatory Zep content:  when he was opening for Robert Plant, did they ever 
actually play together?   Any recordings of the two of them together?   That 
would be something to hear, no doubt.  

> > One of my biggest regrets in life is not going to that last show. If 
> > memory serves, the tickets were around $40 for lawn seats which is all I 
> > could get at the time. My sister did not want to drive all the way to 
> > Wisconsin from the Chicago suburbs to pay that much to sit on the grass. I 
> > was devastated when I heard the news the next day. I never got to see SRV 
> > and my sister is gone, too.
> >