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Re: (OT) A toast to SRV

I saw SRV in '86. Great show and one of the few shows that I saw and have a 
recording of.



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> One of my biggest regrets in life is not going to that last show. If 
> memory serves, the tickets were around $40 for lawn seats which is all I 
> could get at the time. My sister did not want to drive all the way to 
> Wisconsin from the Chicago suburbs to pay that much to sit on the grass. I 
> was devastated when I heard the news the next day. I never got to see SRV 
> and my sister is gone, too.
> On Aug 27, 2010, at 12:37 AM, Kurt Finchum <finchumk@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I'm raising a glass of great scotch to the Stevie Ray Vaughan, who left 
>> us 20 years ago tonight after playing an epic concert.
>> Rest in peace, Stevie.   Thanks for the music.