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Re: Plant on Zeppelin (Page/Plant era)

     > i don't know if you have lost a parent yet, but i can tell 
     > you that it hits hard.

Yes, I know. I lost my mother a few years back to cancer and couldn?t be there 
at the end but had to say goodbye on the phone (on my birthday no less!). Not 

I believe you have the timeline slightly skewed. Plant?s mother passed away 
during the recording of WIC in 1997 not during the ?98 tour so as to be the 
direct catalyst for Plant?s walking out on Page.

In fact, Plant seemed to state in his May 2008 Uncut interview that Page was 
the reason he walked away:


       If Jimmy was as healthy then--and when we came to do
       Walking Into Clarksdale--if he?d been as open 
       and as healthy and he?d had the resolve **then** that 
       he has now, we?d probably have gone somewhere else 


Thus, that tends to contradict the notion of Plant?s ?moment? at the Amnesty 
International concert.