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RE: Plant on Zeppelin (Page/Plant era)

Robert's mother had died in Sep/Oct '97, leading to a break in the studio 
sessions for 'Walking Into Clarksdale', during which Robert
travelled the silk route in China from the desert to the borders of Pakistan. 
When Robert opted out of their tentatively planned (never officially 
announced/no tickets on sale) April '99 Japanese leg his rationale was "there 
are only so many springtimes" and he began extensive travels with his 
girlfriend - India, Spain, Scotland, Thailand and Cuba. At the time his stated 
intention was never to tour or record again; it would be nearly a year and a 
half before he performed outside the UK, nearly two years before his next 
proper studio sessions, and just over three years before he performed again in 
North America. 
> Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 17:06:49 -0400
> From: TangerineMan <tangerineman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Plant on Zeppelin
> It's not only possible, it's what happened. He walked out on P/P at the end 
> of 1998 after the Amnesty International show on December > 10, despite the 
> fact that they were committed to further gigs. He's been quoted as saying he 
> had some sort of "moment" during that 
> show in which he thought, "What am I doing here; I don't want to be this 
> stadium-rock singer anymore"--six months later he was doing > covers in clubs 
> with the Priory of Brion. If I recall correctly, his mother  died around that 
> time as well, after which he cut his hair and 
> trekked through India or something.