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Re: Plant on Zeppelin

Kurt F. writes:

> Wait, he played and didn't play Zep in '98?  Zep and no Zep at the  
> same time? What does
> that sound like?
> Seeing as how the Page/Plant tour went right through Nov/Dec '98,  
> I'm curious how many '98 shows
> you can list that had no Zeppelin.

I should have been more careful with the dates; for "no Zep" I meant  
1999-2000, with Priory of Brion.

> In addition, I've got shows from 2000 in which he sings Zeppelin  
> material.

If you're referring to PoB shows in 2000, the band played "Thank You"  
once, at the final tour date in Wolverhampton on Dec. 21. They did do  
versions of "As Long As I Have You" and "We're Gonna Groove," which  
were both covered by Zeppelin, but I wouldn't call those songs  
"Zeppelin material." Depends on how you define it, I suppose.

I could be wrong, though. What shows are you thinking of?

> But is it possible
> that after 200 Page/Plant conerts, maybe he was just plain sick of  
> singing nothing but Zeppelin night after night?

It's not only possible, it's what happened. He walked out on P/P at  
the end of 1998 after the Amnesty International show on December 10,  
despite the fact that they were committed to further gigs. He's been  
quoted as saying he had some sort of "moment" during that show in  
which he thought, "What am I doing here; I don't want to be this  
stadium-rock singer anymore"--six months later he was doing covers in  
clubs with the Priory of Brion. If I recall correctly, his mother  
died around that time as well, after which he cut his hair and  
trekked through India or something.

And to be fair, he wasn't singing "nothing but Zeppelin night after  
night"; there was material from "Walking into Clarksdale." But right  
from the start of that tour it was clear all those tunes were beer- 
line or bathroom-break songs.