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Re: Plant on Zeppelin

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From: Kurt Finchum <finchumk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> If Plant was insecure, he'd take the easy route and tour with 
> Zeppelin as a sideman, rather than taking chances leading 
> his own group with new material.?? 

Er, he was given the chance to participate in creating new Led Zeppelin 
material and instead he chose to tour playing covers of old music, including 
Led Zeppelin songs. Now he's releasing again an album of covers. So much for 
taking chances on new music. Perhaps the insecurity T-man mentioned was because 
last time Plant took a chance on new music, the album fell off the charts 
faster than the Pat Boone heavy metal album!

> How much Zeppelin material did Page play during '84 -86?? 
> How much Zeppelin is Jones
> playing these days?? Hmm?? Why is their reasoning 
> somehow valid, but that same reasoning
> for Robert is not?

This isn't about Page and Jones. It's about Plant vacillating between denial 
and pride with regards to Led Zeppelin.