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Re: The O2: Zep or not Zep?

Excellent post Michael.



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Subject: Re: The O2: Zep or not Zep?

> Steve A. Jones opines:
>> The reason why Robert, when all is said and done, doesn't see the  
>> 02 incarnation as "Led Zeppelin" is because it wasn't Led Zeppelin.
> Robert Plant says, in an interview with the Telegraph published on  
> August 20, 2010:
> "I really had a wonderful time... It [the O2] was the best Led  
> Zeppelin gig since 1975."
> And, about Zep in its prime, he "remains hugely proud," saying: "We  
> were never a middle of the road band, we were really quite fearsome."
> So he's vacillating between "it wasn't Led Zeppelin" (or "THE Led  
> Zeppelin") and "it was Led Zeppelin" (an exceedingly competent  
> version thereof). Big deal; nothing to see here, folks, move along,  
> move along... He's flip-flopped on the issue for decades now,  
> embracing or impugning The Legacy according to his whims--sometimes  
> it happens years apart (1983-85: no Zep in his live shows; 1988-1998,  
> plenty of Zep in his live shows; 1998-2000, no Zep; 2001-present,  
> plenty of Zep) and now, increasingly, within the space of a few weeks  
> or days ("the O2 wasn't the real LZ because it wasn't Bonzo on drums"  
> in one interview; "It was the best Zeppelin gig since 1975" in at  
> least one other).
> It's called insecurity, and it's a well-known symptom of LSD (lead  
> singer disease).