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Re: must... control... primal... urge... (re: Collins)

- --- On Thu, 8/19/10, stevethomson@xxxxxxxxxxxx <stevethomson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> I also wonder if there's some lingering bad blood between
> Collins and Page. On a couple of occasions, Jimmy has blamed
> Phil for the bad performance that day, claiming they'd
> rehearsed with Tony Thompson and Collins inserted himself at
> the last minute (I think Percy had something to do with that
> actually). 

Agreed.  What you can hear of Thompson sounds great.  Even whatsisname Martinez 
is okay.  Basically, more polished rehearsals and no Collins would've resulted 
in a better set.  Don't complain about the house burning down if you're the one 
who lit it up.

You'd have to go pretty far to find someone who knows less about music theory 
than I do but, all the same, two drummers onstage never made sense to me anyway.

- - t