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Re: must....control...primal ...urge....

Phil's career must be slow...and as with anyone else.... need instant 
press, mention Zeppelin. : )

Works like a charm every time.

I remember Phil bothering me as much on that fateful day as Mary J 
Bilgewater did on Netaid... "I'm MARY "im MARY!!! I'm MARY!!!!" yes we 
know, now shut up!!!

stevethomson@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>Randy H wrote:
>>I watched the video before commenting to see if it was as bad as I
>>remembered. Dribbling is pretty close. I am not a Collins fan, 
>>but Jimmy was a wreck that day. Again, I understand why, but he 
>>still was a wreck.
>To be honest, i think JP was more drunk than anything else. Plus Percy's voice 
>was ravaged and Collins was completely unnecessary. Tony Thompson would have 
>done much better on his own, especially if Jones hadn't been relegated to 
>I also wonder if there's some lingering bad blood between Collins and Page. On 
>a couple of occasions, Jimmy has blamed Phil for the bad performance that day, 
>claiming they'd rehearsed with Tony Thompson and Collins inserted himself at 
>the last minute (I think Percy had something to do with that actually). 
>Anyway, that water flowed under the bridge a quarter century ago!