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Re: must....control...primal ...urge....

What is offensive about a son paying Homage to his father? That is his personal 
tribute, why would it be offensive?
Collins was out and out unproffesional for talking shit about someone in his 
industry, period. It wasnt offensive to me, but Im from da?Bronx, so who knows? 

I guess it is all a matter of?personal opinion.

Christopher Leone

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I would have to agree they weren't very good at Live Aid, Jimmy sounded
horrible. I can understand why it was tough to play without Bonzo and the
self-medication certainly played a role, but I respect Phil for saying what
he thinks. I love Zep, but this is definitely not one of the band's better

Personally, I find Jason playing along with a movie of his dad more
offensive than Collin's remarks.

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and NOT go after Phil with a gun.... WTF???!!!!

Yeah, there were warts...but one of the biggest ones was, hey lookit me 
I'm Phil Collins!!!!

suck wad...

> Phil Collins <http://www.last.fm/music/Phil+Collins+>was asked in an 
> interview by Spin magazine this week about playing with Led Zeppelin 
> <http://www.last.fm/music/Led+Zeppelin> in 1985. "It wasn't amazing to 
> be there. They weren't very good. And I was made to feel a little 
> uncomfortable by the dribbling Jimmy Page. If I could have walked off, 
> I would have - but then we'd be talking about why Phil Collins walke.d 
> off from Led Zeppelin. So I just stayed there and bit my tongue.