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Re: Holy Freaking KEZAR!!

Un-freaking-believable!  Nech, this is an absolutely awesome set of
photos - it's incredible to think that they've been buried somewhere
for all these years.  Thanks to all those concerned in bringing these
out in the open for us all to enjoy.


And wow again!

Dawn =)

On 18 August 2010 19:11, Nech <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Been working and away and now back to working my ass off, but NEVER EVER
> forget my Zep pic search...... speaking of...Someone find Frank...where the
> hell is Franko del Toro?!?!
> Crank up the Kezar and play it at "a volume slightly below earthquake level"
> and stare at this...
> Credits for all photos go to http://britrockbythebay.blogspot.com/