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Phil Collin's saying Zep sucked, keep it in perspective

>>It's Collin's saying Zep sucked...

I find Phil to be a putz. 


He wasn't saying Zep "as a band" sucked, he was saying they sucked "at Live
Aid". Despite our rose colored glasses here on the Zep list, they did suck
that day. Jimmy was just not prepared to play. His guitar was out of tune
and he was very out of practice. Robert seemed to be doing the show at arms
length, though he was much better than Jimmy. Jonsey was a last minute
addition, almost an afterthought. Overall it was an underwhelming and
somewhat embarassing performance.

Phil has no stones to throw on this one though. He was just as bad as Jimmy.
He hadn't a clue how to play those songs and did his best to "rock star" his
perfomance to cover up that fact. He just winged it and hoped it would
work... it didn't. Geez Phil, you knew this was coming and it was the most
anticipated act of the whole gig, can't ya take some time to learn the songs
before the show? Yeah, I know he played a lot of stuff that day, but he put
himself in the position to have to know a lot of music. To be honest, I find
his actions to be lazy and unprofessional. Phil's comments are just sad.

I was just as excited as anybody to see Zep play at Live Aid. To see Zep on
stage again was incredible, despite the poor results.