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RE: Holy Freaking KEZAR!!

Thanks for this Nech!  I loved the view from the audience. They even
captured the pigeon!  Has Robert ever said anything about that event?  Back
in 73, in San Francisco during those heady days, during a Led Zeppelin
concert, you just had to think that the white "dove" landing had to be a
sign from God.  

Today, it loses some of its mysticism and you realize that the bird was just
disoriented by the noise or the cage it had been released from.

But, still, I'd love to hear what Robert thought of it then. 

Pam F.

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Been working and away and now back to working my ass off, but NEVER EVER 
forget my Zep pic search...... speaking of...Someone find Frank...where 
the hell is Franko del Toro?!?!