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Re: Jason Speak...

Very good question Michael. It is not hard to imagine that Jason has film 
none of us have seen. But to have him use unknown film for this tour seems 
to be something he would have needed  Jimmy's approval to do. And that is 
highly unlikely.



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>> http://jam.canoe.ca/Music/Artists/L/Led_Zeppelin/ 
>> 2010/08/16/15038241.html?cid=rssentertainmentmusic
> "It?s more than just a band going on. There will be no wigs, no  outfits, 
> no dragon suits. We?re not trying to emulate anything."
> After my post yesterday, I like what I'm hearing from Jason in this 
> interview.
> Also interesting revelation: there'S *film* of Bonzo playing WtLB?!  Where 
> the heck does that come from? Or does he just mean they're  editing 
> together existing footage of other songs to sync it to the  WtLB drum 
> pattern?