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Jason Bonham in Rolling Stone

Courtesy of Steve Sauer's LedZeppelinNews/LemonSqueezings:


 By  Andy Greene
Aug 18, 2010 7:09 AM EDT

Three years after picking up his late father?s drum sticks for Led
Zeppelin?s London reunion concert, Jason Bonham, son of John, is
taking the band?s music on the road as the Jason Bonham?s Led Zeppelin
Experience. He refuses to name his bandmates -- ?Some of them are
known people, and I wouldn?t want anyone to make a pre-judged idea of
who these people are until they hear them on the first night,? he
tells Rolling Stone -- but does admit he would rather be playing
stadiums with the actual Led Zeppelin. ?That one [reunion] concert was
the highlight of my life, and I know that sounds kind of sad,? says

Robert Plant, however, refused. ?I?ve had many a talk with Robert over
these last couple of years about why we didn?t carry on,? Bonham
explains. ?He said to me, ?You were great all night and I love ya and
your dad would be so proud of you, but Led Zeppelin was John. We had
something very, very special and I?d like to keep that part of my life
very, very special.? I dug what he said, but at the same time I wanted
us to go on.?

After that, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Bonham began rehearsing in
private as a trio. ?In 2008 we did twenty-one days of rehearsals,?
says Bonham. ?It was magical days for me, jamming just for the fun of
it.? He won?t confirm or deny reports that Steven Tyler and Alter
Bridge vocalist Myles Kennedy sat in with the group. ?People have said
that and I?m not calling them liars,? he says. ?There were certainly
other people involved that were famous and very good in their own way.
We talked about touring, but I don?t think it was ever going to be
called Led Zeppelin. No one person called it off. It was just a kind
of ?we agreed to disagree? vibe.? There was no uproar or anything.?

When it became clear that no incarnation of Led Zeppelin would hit the
road, Bonahm started to seriously consider longtime offers to create a
tribute band. ?This was a tough one for me, because I never imagined
myself doing something like that,? he admits. ?The people that put on
the Beatles tribute show Rain approached me, and made me realize that
I could do this while continuing to feed my own creativity and not
feeling like a sell-out.? The tribute tour kicks off October 8th in
Dawson Creek British Columbia. Bonahm says the show will feature his
five piece band, archival video and his personal memories of Led

Bonham also plans to tour with Black Country Communion, a new band
that features former Deep Purple bassist Glen Hughes and guitarist Joe
Bonamossa. ?I?d love to play Zeppelin songs like ?Lemon Song? and ?I
Can?t Quit You Baby? with them,? says Bonham. ?I?d also love to do the
Deep Purple Tracks ?Burn? and ?Highway star.?? All these plans will be
put on hold, however, should Robert Plant ever change his mind. ?I
never say never,? says Bonham. ?If they made the call I?d swim there
if I had to.?